• Entertainment

    Yung Fume – Something Else feat. Young Nudy

    By Jasmine Wing Who: Yung fume and Young Nudy What: Something Else When: Published on Feb 23, 2018 Where: Payday Records The wavy rapper from the Thornton Heath in Croydon drops yet another banger – [...]
  • NHS

    Thinking on its own: AI in the NHS

    By Lynsey Downie | @lynzeyz Subedited by Jasmine Wing and Philippa Strachan (@philippastrac) A report released by the charity Reform suggests Artificial Intelligence (AI) could benefit the NHS in the near future if used efficiently. [...]
  • Entertainment

    J. Cole co-signs XXXTentacion

    by Habiba Iqbal If your not familiar with the musician XXXTentacion – you really have been living under a impenetrable rock! Over these past years the singer has had a turbulent rise to fame because [...]
  • Food

    Five Foods Causing Your Body Odour

    By Lynsey Downie | @lynzey Sub-edited by Zahida Khan Body odour is the acquaintance you never miss. That’s why we compiled a list of foods to watch out for when it comes to date night! [...]
  • Mental Health

    Understanding Mental Health: Anti-depressants

    By Jasmine Wing People with depression are usually prescribed anti-depressants, just like happy pill (as my dad says), well yes and no, but it’s more scientific than ‘people feeling sad’ and ‘a pill that makes [...]
  • Arts & Culture

    Serious Space festival

    What: Serious Space festival When: 16th – 19th May Where: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA The festival of new music, Serious Space is returning to London for its fourth year running. [...]
  • Health

    Body Mass Index Associated with Deaths from Most Causes

    A study conducted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, published in The Lancet on the 30th October found an association between Body Mass Index (BMI) and death risk.

    Researchers collected data from various sources such as, anonymous data from the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) and the Office of National Statistics covering 3.6 million peoples’ primary care records and 9% of the UK’s general population. […]

  • Entertainment

    Who Is: Baka

    #WhoIs – brings you everything you need to know about people of interest. Breathe News curated the project ‘Who Is’ to plug readers to the coolest, unique characters from around the world. This week’s Who [...]
  • Fashion

    All you need to know about London Fashion Week’s festival

    By Jasmine Wing Where: The Store Studios, 180 Strand, WC2R When:22-25 February 2018 Twitter: @LFW_Festival Instagram: @lfw_festival Website: www.londonfashionweekfestival.com Hashtag: #LFWF London Fashion Week Festival is the UK’s most exclusive designer shopping & fashion experience. [...]
  • Education

    School children to be offered sleep lessons

    The use of social media and digital devices before bed has possibly lead to the rising concerns over the lack of sleep in children in what is being described as a ‘hidden public health crisis’. [...]
  • Entertainment

    A2 – Winter’s Only Winner (Short Film)

    Who: A2 What: The creative and visually-minded artist from South drops a beautifully crafted visual short film to compliment his latest EP – BLUE. When: Published on Feb 9, 2018 Where: A2 Vii – his [...]

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    By Caroline Cutting | @carolinecuttingauthor Sub-edited by Jasmine Wing | @JasmineW_BN Watch now! Ricky Gervais is not normally one to mince his words. In fact he has actively cultivated his outspokenness, and upset a few [...]
  • Business
    By Lynsey Downie | @lynzeyz @Lynsey_BreatheN Subedited by Jasmine Wing | @jasminenatashaw Youngest of the Marley’s gives old prison a new lease of life, making it the headquarters to the legal cannabis empire which used [...]
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    hristian Bale announced “I’d like to thank Satan, for bringing me inspiration, on how to play this role” after adding the Best Actor at the Golden Globes to his growing basket of Awards. He’d already scooped up the US Critic’s Choice and British Film Academy Best Actor for his portrayal of former Vice-President Dick Cheney in the film “Vice” (Plan B entertainment, 2018). […]

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    By Mark Williams The Westworld actor Thadie Newton made a bold religious statement at this year’s Emmy Awards by hinting that, were God to exist, she would be female. The British actor, 45, was awarded [...]


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    By Jasmine Lowen Social media handle: @jazmyninreallife Sub-edited by: Jasmine Wing | Jasmine W (@JasmineW_BN) Mass shootings have always dominated the conversation on gun control, but it has been reported that two thirds of gun-related [...]



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