In Brief: April Netflix [UK]

By Aurora Taunisio

Welcome back to our monthly Netflix InBrief! Once again Breathe News brings you five picks to help you choose what to watch on Netflix this month:

Title: Ram Dass, Going Home

Genre: Movie /Documentary
Date: 06/04/2018

Ram Dass, is a psychedelic pioneer and spiritual teacher which became a cultural icon between the 60s and the 70s after writing “Be Here Now”. This documentary narrates his journey and his deepened spiritual practice since being homebound in Maui after suffering a life-changing stroke 20 years ago. As he approaches his own death, his life’s work as a death-and-dying awareness activist seems to be even more resonant.

Lost in Space – Season 1

Genre: TV Series /Sci-fi
Date: 13/04/2018

A Netflix Original inspired by and re-imagined version of 1960s sci-fi classic. It sees the Robinson family as part of one of the first colony, launched into space to find a better life in the outer space. During the trip something goes awry and the family needs to find new and unlikely allies to survive their new and hostile alien surrounding. Cinematic, fast-paced and filled with plot-twits, a must see for sci-fi and action fans.

Title: The Alienist -Season 1

Genre: TV / Crime
Date: 19/04/2018

A psychological thriller based on the homonymous novel by Caleb Carr, which takes place in a 19th century New York. The name might be misleading, as there is no alien involved, as the term was used in the 1800s to refer to psychologists and psychiatrist, as their patients were believed to be alienated from their own natures. An alienist, a NYTimes illustrator and the first policewoman in NY, try to catch a ruthless serial killer before he can commit more gruesome crimes, while hindered by the same police force.

Title: The Rachel Divide

Genre: Movie/ Documentary
Date: 27/04/2018

Produced by the critically acclaimed Roger Ross Williams, this movie explores the story of Rachel Dolezal. Rachel is being in the middle of a media and social storm since she was outed as ‘a white privileged white woman who has been living as the president of the NAACP, which infuriated many. The director and the crew followed her and her family around to try and capture ‘capturing the intimate, vérité life story of a damaged character who lands squarely in the cross-hairs of race and identity politics in America’.

Title: Bobby Kennedy for President
Genre: Movie/ Documentary
Date: 27/04/2018

Another Netflix Original Documentary dealing with America’s hope, dreams and issues. Relying on some never released historical footage, the documentary, guided by RJK’s voice and perspective, tries to go through ‘what America gained and what it lost in the life, vision, politics, and hope of Bobby Kennedy’. Directed by the acclaimed Dawn Porter and featuring interview with Bobby’s staffers and confidantes, this movie will ‘transport us to a turbulent and dynamic era’.


If you want to have a look at the whole list of programs coming to NetflixUK on April 2018, click here.

Let us know what your top picks on the comments are!

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