5 amazing podcasts that can be found on Spotify, that are worth a listen

By Habiba Iqbal
Subedited by Jasmine Wing

1) Unsolved Murders: True crime stories, Hosted by Carter Roy & Wenndy Mackenzie
Twitter: @parcastnetwork

This is one upbeat podcast that hits the note regardless of whether or not you’re a die hard fan of unsolved murders.
It’s a one of a kind podcast drama that dares to put a modern twist on old time radio, to explore a plethora of unsolved murders in a unique and sensational way. Every episode is composed with a great deal of effort and the hosts are joined by other crazy talented cast members that help voice and portray the characters involved in these cases. The hosts themselves are also energetic, upbeat and aren’t afraid to take a stand for their sometimes conflicting opinions.

Previously, they have covered some notable unsolved murder cases like that of the zodiac killer, edgar allen poe and even the infamous black dahlia case.

2) The Guilty Feminist, Hosted by Deborah Frances-White
Instagram: @theguiltyfeminist

This award winning podcast will have you on a roller coaster ride, where in one instance your nodding in agreement till you neck hurts and in the next laughing hysterically.

The podcast consists of a panel that discuss topics either on or related to feminism and is recorded in front of a live audience. The delightful atmosphere is instantaneous with every episode beginning on a high note with them making short hilarious statements starting with the words “I’m a feminist, but…”, were the episode’s hosts then detail the moments they perhaps weren’t what you’d call ‘the ideal feminist’. Another key feature of the podcast that is especially fun to hear about is when the presenters set themselves weekly challenges, discuss them and close out the podcast with getting their live audience involved to ask the panel questions.

The podcast was the brainchild of Deborah Frances-White and the hilarious Sofie Hagen when they realised how often their lunch dates ended up with them sharing their hypocritical actions with each other. This hilarious duo then went on to actually co-host together until September 2016 when Hagen left; since then a range of guests have co-hosted each episode. Just a few of the guests the guilty feminist panel has had the delight of featuring include: Aisling Bea, Rachel Bloom and Shappi Khorsandi.

3) The Tai Lopez show, Hosted by Tai Lopez

Undoubtedly, most of you have probably seen and heard Tai lopez and not really known who he is. He’s an unmissable man with his bold, confident manner of speaking, that’s characteristic of all really assured lifestyle coaches and advisor, alike. His story is one of absolute intrigue as he is essentially a product of the modern day american dream as he went from having a few dollars to his name to a garage full of luxurious cars. Of course many people feel Tai Lopez comes across a little conceited as he flashes his lavish lifestyle but what really has people buy into him is how proactively he wants to give advice and share with hs audience.

This podcast is essentially just another one of the branches that roots from his tree of guidance and god is it worth listening to! The Tai Lopez show brings you the best business education straight from the world’s top entrepreneurs to your fingertips. It also sets about reviewing the best books on the things you need in life from happiness to health and this podcast is basically your tool kit to reach your maximum potential.

4) How to be a girl, Hosted by Marlo Mack

Now this is a wholesome podcast that will give you the feels while still educated you in the best way. It brings the audience close to the issues of a transgender child and her mom that they encounter together on this path of becoming a girl. Specifically, the podcast focuses on the life of single mother Marlo and her delightful eight-year-old transgender daughter who live in seattle and it chronicles their time together and the issues they come across. The podcast is so rewarding to listen to as it’s touching to hear the sheer love that is present between the mother and child.

However what this podcast achieves best is that with every episode, every listen, every minute you spend- you truly become a better person. A better person: whose more educated, more empathetic and your understanding flourishes in the way marlo intended by creating this podcast. It’s evident that Marlo wanted to proactively try to create understanding in order to forge a better world with better people for her child and what the podcast symbolises, is truly touching.

5) They walk among us, Hosted by Benjamin

This final podcast is one that is near and dear to my heart as a True Crime maniac and also one that’s frighteningly close to home. Each episode is amazingly well composed, with on point research and documents a range crimes from right here- our little island of United Kingdom.
The crimes they chronicle are sprawled across the UK, come from varying time periods and are a mixture of both mainstream famous cases and other lesser known gems.
The podcast hit the scene back in 2016 and has skyrocketed every since. It’s co-written by a married couple :Benjamin who actually narrates the podcast and his madly talented wife Rosie who actually illustrates the covers for the episodes.

Twitter: @twau_podcast

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