5 reasons to visit Cardiff

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By Shannon Holden | @shaywh00
Sub-edited by Jasmine Wing | @jasminenatashaw

Wales’s stunning capital is the perfect place for the next romantic getaway, family vacation or city break.


The historical castle is a fun day out for anyone with an interest in learning about the past that created the life we now live. With tours around the wall and events running throughout the open season, there is plenty to keep you entertained whilst learning about the history of such a beautiful city. However, if the past is not the way you want to look then hop on a tour bus and discover the city with the wind in your hair. The buses allow you to hop on and off wherever you please and last for 24 hours. You can also get the bus down to Cardiff Bay where the science museum Techniquest hopes to advance your scientific skills in a fun interactive environment suitable for any age.


You can take a walk, train or water bus down to Cardiff Bay. Down on the bay, there are many museums and independent cafes to visit giving you a break from the chains of the city. Whilst you are there you can enjoy a boat tour to relax on the water whilst getting to see all of what Cardiff Bay has to offer.


The city is also known for its entertainment, being a capital city the Motorpoint arena gets a lot of famous acts to come to perform throughout the year including Strictly Come Dancing the Professionals, Panic At The Disco and Mrs Brown’s Boys. This, mixed with the high amount of bars and nightclubs around the city, gives an ultimate nightlife experience. Some of the bars are even versions of famous film bars such as The Coyote Ugly.


Cardiff got the name ‘The capital of shopping’ for the fact that it has such a convenient layout when it comes to the stores. All the stores, both independent and chains, are within short walking distance of each other so those heavy shopping bags won’t need to be carried around too far.


The city of Cardiff is very unique with the approach it takes to current issues. The eco-friendly nature of the city by having increased public transport to remove the congestion in the city is just one reason to visit. The increase in biodegradable straws and recycling bins around the city also help build the sustainability of the city. But it’s not just the eco-friendly aspect that Cardiff outranks other cities upon. Unlike many cities, Cardiff understands how street art can improve the appearance of the city. When walking around you can find big graffiti morals advertising new shows and smaller works of arts such as the water sports paintings down at Cardiff Bay.

If you’ve been to the city, let us know what you love about it. If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?

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