5 Saddest TV deaths that made us feel some way

By Habiba Iqbal

1. Michael Cordero -Jane the virgin

This was every person’s reaction when they watched Michael get shot and it finally clicked where those sly writers were heading!

Now I’m not biased: I ship Jane and Rafael as much as the next gal but just look at this oh so sweet pictures of Jane and Michael together and try to tell me that these two people don’t look like they complete each other.

Jane and michael all throughout their time together always magically landed in each other’s arms right under a breathtaking, delicate old snowfall.

These were two down to earth characters who just found themselves in extenuating circumstances. Therefore the pain in michael’s death lied in the fact he suddenly dropped dead from complications while recovering from being shot. It was a death with no drama, it was clean, innocent and one were he was given a moment of clarity to make peace with life coming to an end. For those of you who haven’t seen this scene here’s a clip (but honestly watch the show, you won’t regret it):

2. Michel Gorski- Sense 8

I wonder if hollywood’s writers were infatuated with killing off every michael within reach. Now Michael Gorski if the second name didn’t give it away was in fact Will Gorski’s father;whose death we witnessed in season 2.

What made this Death incredibly painful wasn’t our attachment to michael but what pained us was watching a isolated, broken-down Will visit him in the hospital through Riley, apologizing for never updating him on his whereabouts. All the while we hold back our tears as the dying man in his daze sadly exclaims repeatedly ‘you’re not my willie.’

What truly gripped a viewer’s heart wasn’t his dad passing but then having to watch him break down in pain separated from his cluster, exhausted and left lonely in a dark room in Iceland. It was pretty hard to not imagine yourself in his position and that scene probably made us all want to go cuddle our parents and keep them trapped in our arms like maniacs.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a clip for his death but I did one better and found one where Will gets it together and the cluster set their revenge into motion on BPO (the pigs who had our boy stuck in Iceland hiding)

3. Poussey Washington- Orange Is The New Black

Now this was the most harrowing scene if there ever was one. Painful- was what it was, like losing a loved one you completely adored! Poussey was a real fresh of breath air, a admirable LGBT women of colour who not only bought representation but showed how sweet people are. She represented all that was good in the world. Unsurprisingly, her death had fans outraged with the twitter hashtag: #pousseydeservedbetter beginning to trend because of how devastating her cause of death was.

She was crushed to death by the weight of a officer holding her down while also trying to deal with a terrified crazy eyes. Her loss truly hit home when the reaction of her friend Taystee came under way.

Taystee is a huge jolly women and watching her physically bring herself down to the same level as her friends slim lifeless body- hurt. She was visibly destroyed as was every OINB watcher.Here’s a clip of Poussey’s death:

4.Hank Schrader- Breaking Bad

Throughout the series Hank has always been a boisterous all american man who put his all into being a DEA officer and took great pride in it. All along as viewers we always knew in our hearts that Hank would eventually catch on what his brother in law walt was up to. Simply because the man was damn good at his job.

Even on the doorstep of death Hank was still admirable he didn’t beg or turn into pitiful wreck- he remained calm, collected and the DEA officer he has always been. As a audience in the scene we clung to every word Hank said because not only was it rational but also a little melancholy to see such a lively character be reduced to such a dismal tone. His last words were to his killer and they were sadly cut short by one deafening lonely shot that ricocheted in the minds of every watcher.

This truly was a TV loss. Here’s a of Hank on his deathbed clip:

5. Henry senior- Once upon a time

Now Don’t confuse Henry senior as the grown up Henry in season 7, No, no, no-I’m talking about the original Henry sr AKA the evil queen’s father Henry Sr.

He was the wonderful, warm-hearted, old man, who tried relentlessly to rein in his daughter onto the right path. Sure, the evil queen was infatuated with revenge and he would at times do things to please her that may not be technically good but he just wanted her happiness. It was apparent her father bought a level of love and goodness to her character and his death at her hands was truly heart wrenching. She plucked out his heart and squashed it into dust. Devastated with a tear streaked face-she gave up what she loved most to achieve her greater purpose.

Even to his death Henry senior wanted better for his daughter and thankfully for all she did become a better person we all fell deeply in love with. It wouldn’t be right for a show called once upon a time to not have a happy ending and in later series our darling Regina got to seek his forgiveness and reconcile with her father making it clear he didn’t die in vain as she was a better person in the end.

Here’s a clip of Henry senior’s tragic death:

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