Here at Breathe News, we don’t just write about mental health, we believe in helping those who suffer from mental health issues. The team is comprised of volunteers who are seeking opportunities to broaden their horizons but also may be out of work due to mental health issues. Breathe News supports both the modernisation of volunteering, but also to support those who suffer from poor mental health to enable them to maintain stability, stay active in the working world and contributing to a platform who informs and educates others.

Founding Editor – Jasmine Wing

Jasmine graduated from the University of East London with a first-class BA honours in Journalism. She went on to carry out an internship an The Telegraph. She then completed her NCTJ with The Press Association – the UK’s leading provider of multimedia content and services. She also carried out an internship at ITV News At Ten. She has carried out photography at Wireless Festival and many more exciting adventures in her career before deciding to launch Breathe News! Amongst many things Jasmine is passionate about the Prison Industrial Complex and is an advocate for the abolition of prisons.

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