Drug dealing bodybuilding police officer spared from jail

By Charis Hill

Bodybuilding special constable Ceri Ann Parry who sold ‘party’ drugs to fellow gym goers has been spared from jail after a Judge heard of her battle with obesity and her image based obsession in April.

Ceri Ann Parry, a keen bodybuilder, is described as ‘obsessed’ with her own body image as she regularly flaunts her physique on social media. Behind the flexed biceps and shredded abdominals lies something much more sinister: body dysmorphia. Despite seeming confident with her body Parry, of Manchester, is known to suffer a type of body dysmorphia which led to her selling the drugs by means of keeping up her image.

After being pulled over whilst diving along a motorway in the Birmingham area, officers found a small quantity of class B drugs in her car. But it was later, when her movements were being tracked by Police that approximately £7,000 worth of a ‘mephedrone derivative’ was found in her sister’s garden shed. The court then heard how Parry was selling the drugs to gym users in Birmingham and also offered to sell customers ketamine. Ceri Ann Parry was convicted of two counts of possession with intent to supply and two counts of offering to supply Class B drugs.

At the time of the incident Parry was working as a volunteer constable with the British Transport Police and had started an application to the Metropolitan Police, London. Commenting upon this Judge Shetty stated that:

‘At the time you were a special constable, in the process of applying to work in the Metropolitan Police.’ Followed by ‘as a special constable you had taken an oath to uphold the law when you started and you didn’t do that. ‘You blatantly flouted it and sold drugs.’

However, as Parry sobbed in the dock the judge declared that she would not be subject to prison and instead he suspended her 18 month custodial sentence for two years.

‘I have a lot of sympathy in regards to what has happened to you. You gave evidence of your obesity, once upon a time. At one point your obesity caused you to struggle with breathing. You struggled with your weight for a number of years. This was the subject of emotional abuse by a partner who bullied you. You were fortunate that you got into body building to conquer this but you let, in my view, the whole image part of what you were trying to do become an obsession.’ he added.

The judge added: ‘I completely accept you suffer from something approaching body dysmorphia and I’m certain you started selling drugs to people inside and outside the gym in Birmingham to keep up this image.’

As well as a suspended sentence Parry also received 300 hour of community service and was advised to resign from her role in the police.

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