From Journalism to ‘Personalism’

By Jasmine Wing | @jasminenatasha

Celebrity journalism isn’t new to the world of writing, it’s always been here! But I am beginning to feel as though there is too much entertainment and not enough journalism. Too much small talk.

It’s entertaining, a dramatized version of our lives so we feel we can read it with a sense of relatability to the story in a distant way, (with less money and flash cars that is). Let’s admit it -celeb sell!

Do not forget how the internet is contributing to this transformation. The rising appetite for blogging is bringing a whole new form of journalism into being.

We could assume that the increase in entertainment reading is distracting us away from the larger issues in the news. The public need to just ‘front the front page’. Rather than flicking through rubbish journalism, they should commit to facing up to the real issues of today’s society come rain or shine.

It is as though we have personalised journalism. A service to suit sounds like an advert. Is this really what news is about? Is everyone self-absorbed and narcissistic?

OK maybe we aren’t totally narcissistic. We are looking beyond ourselves by reading about others’ lives. But we are still wrapped up in the cotton wool of bullshit stories that stop us looking any further for our news.

To some extent it has morphed to ‘personalism’…. news for me. We read the part we can relate to and dismiss those topics that are not of interest, such as politics.
I feel that we are always passing the liability onto the journalists, and accusing them for not communicating politics to the people in the right manner. It is the press that are not catering to my requirements. No, it’s time to stop shifting the blame and take responsibility for what is available to us and go looking for it.

However, assessing the current society, with social media and the internet playing a huge role in our daily lives, we could conclude that the spectrum of choice is somewhat corrupting the news agenda. Are we so spoilt for choice that we end up story hopping? Is it easier now than ever to avoid the news? Are we being sucked into the black hole of celeb news, along with naked pictures of Kim Kardashian, rather than the important debates?

“But is dread really what we feel when we turn on the news? It may have been during the last world war, which was when broadcast news turned into a British addiction. But surely we look forward to it now mainly as a form of entertainment or distraction to satisfy an unfocused curiosity about ‘what’s going on’”(Jack, 2014).

Still I can’t help but feel that journalism is appearing somewhat desperate to retain the readers’ attention. But in this fight to preserve our trade are we discrediting ourselves? This cannot be said for all newspapers. There are many holding on to the truth of the trade. But the new generation does not seem to notice the artistic works of those papers and I fear for their form of downloadable news.
Perchance we may argue that lowering the quality only reinforces the concept that anyone can be a journalist?

I fear that we are losing credibility as writers, not only due to this increase in rubbish but also the moral mishaps of journalist’s are tarring us all with the same brush.

We must look backwards to move forwards. If we backtrack to long form and novel style journalism we might leap forward in desirability. De Botton quite rightly argues, despite harsh criticism, we must strengthen our profession once again in the fight to prevent becoming a snapshot of a gossip magazine.

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