In Brief: Art June London

By Catherine de Guise

Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land

Where: British Library
When: 1 June – 21 October
Twitter: @britishlibrary

The British Library presents an exhibition exploring the Windrush story. It looks at how those who came to London on the Empire Windrush have been perceived, why they came, what they left behind and how they shaped Britain.

Aftermath: Art in the Wake of World War One

Where: Tate Britain
When: 5 June – 23 September
Twitter: @Tate

The exhibition explores how artists responded to the physical and psychological scars left on Europe by the First World War. It shows the may ways in which art was used to document the destruction, to build public memorials and as a social critique.

Splendours of the Subcontinent: A Prince’s Tour of India 1875–76 and Splendours of the Subcontinent: Four Centuries of South Asian Paintings and Manuscripts

Where: Queen’s Gallery
When: 8 June – 14 October
Twitter: @RCT

The Queen’s Gallery opens two exhibitions celebrating South Asian treasures in the royal collection. A Prince’s Tour of India tells the story of the Prince of Wales’s tour through the Indian treasures presented to him during his visit. South Asian Paintings and Manuscripts brings together 400 years work of South Asian art, from illuminated Mughal manuscripts and natural history paintings to modern masterpieces and vivid depictions of Hindu gods.

Thomas Cole: Eden to Empire

Where: The National Gallery
When: 11 June – 7 October

The National Gallery explores the work of Thomas Cole, displaying them alongside masterpieces by Turner and Constable that inspired him. Cole’s paintings present nature as both powerful and vulnerable.

Summer Exhibition 250 and The Great Spectacle

Where: The Royal Academy
When: 12 June – 19 August
Brief summary: The 250th Summer Exhibition is coordinated by Grayson Perry. It exhibits works by internationally renowned artists, exciting new talent and first-time exhibitors. The Royal Academy will also be telling the story of 250 years of the Summer Exhibition in their exhibition The Great Spectacle.

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Where: V&A
When: 16 June – 4 November
Twitter: @V_and_A

This exhibition presents a collection of personal arterfacts and clothing belonging to Frida Kahlo which enrich understanding of her life and work. The items are displayed alongside self-portraits featuring them.

Sir Richard Wallace: The Collector

Where: The Wallace Collection
When: 20 June – 6 January
Twitter: @WallaceMuseum

The Wallace Collection opens a new exhibition space with an exhibition celebrating 200 years since the birth of the founder of the museum, Sir Richard Wallace. The exhibition explores Wallace, his life, his collection and his contribution to the nation’s cultural heritage.

Dorothea Lange / Vanessa Winship

Where: Barbican
When: 22 June – 2 September
Twitter: @BarbicanCentre

The Barbican looks at the work of American documentary photographer Dorothea Lange and British contemporary photographer Vanessa Winship. Lange is best known for her work during the Great Depression and after World War Two; she captures human suffering to critique issues of injustice, inequality and migration. Winship’s photgraphy explores the fragility of our landscape and society to reveal an intimacy apart from political significance.

Michael Jackson: On the Wall

Where: National Portrait Gallery
When: 28 June – 21 October
Twitter: @NPGLondon

This exhibition explores the influence of Michael Jackson on many leading names in contemporary art. Since Andy Warhol used his image in 1982, he has become the most depicted cultural figure in visual art.

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