In Brief: Art London April

By Catherine de Guise

What: Monet & Architecture
Where: National Gallery
When: 9 April – 29 July
Twitter: @NationalGallery

The exhibition is the first to explore Monet’s art through the buildings he painted. It examines how he used architecture to create his paintings and bring them to life, featuring several of his most well-known works and seeing them in a new light.

What: Concrete Dreams
Where: Southbank Centre
When: 10 April – 1 May
Twitter: @southbankcentre

The exhibition explores the brutalist architecture of the Southbank Centre’s 1960s buildings, looking at its meticulous craftsmanship and bold design. Southbank Centre is also hosting a series of events that reveal the fascinating histories behind the buildings through film, dance and music.

What: Paul Maheke
Where: Chisenhale Gallery
When: 13 April – 10 June
Twitter: @ChisenhaleGal

The exhibition is an immersive installation looking at Maheke’s work in sculpture, performance, sound and video. It examines the formation of memory and identity in relation to the body. Maheke looks at the question of visibility and invisibility with regard to the presence and absence of Black and Brown narratives in dominant histories. It encouraged visitors to think about representation and identity and imagine possible pasts and futures.

What: In Search of Frankenstein: Photographs by Chloe Dewe Mathews

Where: The British Library
When: 13 April – 1 July
Twitter: @britishlibrary

In Switzerland’s ‘year without summer’, 1818, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in Lord Byron’s villa by Lake Geneva. Forced to stay indoors by the weather, Byron suggested they each come up with a ghost story, and from this Frankenstein was produced. 200 years later, Chloe Dewe Mathews visited the glaciers. Her photographs explore the environmental and social issues of our time through the themes of Mary Shelley’s novel.

What: Solitary Pleasures
Where: Freud Museum
When: 18 April – 13 May
Twitter: @FreudMusLondon

The exhibition investigates masturbation in a multitude of ways, looking at it not just as a solitary (mis)behaviour but as a shared pleasure. It looks at the work of several artists and from each of their perspectives weaves together a diverse story of masturbation, its eroticism and intimacy. Solitary Pleasures encourages the visitor to challenge social taboos and to think about questions of sexual health.

What: Ian White: Any Frame is a Thrown Voice
Where: Camden Arts Centre
When: 19 April – 24 June
Twitter: @camdenartsctr

Ian White was an influential artist, performer, curator and writer. This exhibition reflects upon and re-presents his work. It revisits his key works, rearticulating them as installations and reimagining his performance art.

What: Sadie Benning: Sleep Rock
Where: Camden Arts Centre
When: 19 April – 24 June
Twitter: @camdenartsctr

Benning’s work hybridises painting, photography and sculptural relief. This exhibition examines how her work reveals the fluctuating interpretation of images based on context, scale and resolution. It explores the fluidity of categories we often see as fixed through recontextualising, editing and destabilising art.

What: Fashioned from Nature
Where: V&A
When: 21 April – 27 January
Twitter: @V_and_A

An exciting new fashion exhibition observing exquisite pieces alongside natural history specimens to reveal the power and beauty of nature as an inspiration for fashion. It also looks at the relationship between fashion and the environment, which has often been detrimental to the environment, and movement in favour of sustainable design.

What: Rodin and the art of ancient Greece

Where: British Museum
When: 26 April – 29 July
Twitter: @britishmuseum
Brief summary: The exhibition presents Rodin’s work in relation to his love for the art of antiquity, particularly that of ancient Greece. It showcases his extraordinary talent as a sculptor alongside the works of antiquity that inspired him, such as the sculptures of the Parthenon.

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