In Brief: Art London May

By Catherine de Guise

What: Artists at Work

Where: The Courtauld Gallery
When: 3 May – 15 June

Exploring the ways artists depict themselves and other artists at work, this exhibitions displays a selection of drawings from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. It offers insight into the artists, and the emotions and practices that lead to the production of art, through showing artists working in nature or in the studio.

What: Asterix in Britain: The Life and Work of Rene Goscinny

Where: Jewish Museum
When: 10 May – 30 September

An immersive and playful exhibition exploring the unique imagination of the co-creator of the Asterix comics.

What: Sublime Symmetry

Where: Guildhall Art Gallery
When: 11 May 2018 – 28 October

The exhibition uncovers the mathematics behind De Morgan’s exquisite work. William De Morgan revolutionised the field of ceramic design with his renivention of lusterware, study of Middle Eastern designs and through the invention and use of his own kilns.

What: The Future Starts Here

Where: V&A
When: 12 May – 4 November

The exhibition brings together over 100 objects, from smart appliances to satellites to showcase the possibilities for the near future. It displays emerging technologies and explores how they will affect our lives, ethical questions surrounding new techonology and our role in determining the future.

What: The Return of the Past: Postmodernism in British Architecture

Where: Sir John Soane’s Museum
When: 16 May – 27 August

A look into the early, ‘radical moment’ of postmodernism, one of the most inventive periods in British arcitectural history, as a time when the architectural past came alive with new possibilites for the future.


Where: Wellcome Collection
When: 17 May – 16 September

The exhibition traces the evolution of our relationship with our teeth and what they say about us. It explores the origins of dentistry and charts the history of the profession, featuring the first scientific treatise on teeth and early techniques and tools.

What: Tacita Dean: LANDSCAPE

Where: Royal Academy
When: 19 May – 12 August

The third exhibition looking at the work of Tacita Dean explores ‘landscape’ in its broadest sense: intimate collections of natural found objects. The higlight of the exhibition is a major new, experimental 35mm film, Antigone, shown as two simultaenous cinemascope projections featurning the poet Anne Carson and the actor Stephen Dillane.

What: Edward Bawden

Where: Dulwich Picture Gallery
When: 23 May – 9 September

The exhibition is a retrospective of the work of of celebrated British artist and designer Edward Bawden. It looks at the variety of his work: watercolours, engravings, linocuts, illustrations, and shows the evolution in his style across key motifs.

What: Orla Kiely: A Life in Pattern

Where: Fashion and Textile Museum
When: 25 May – 23 September

Orla Kiely’s stylised graphic patterns are immeditaly recognisable, featured on a variety of objects such as tea-towels and dresses. This exhibition explores how her works were created and examines their influence. It emphasises the role of ornament and colour in our lives and looks at design in the 21st century.

What: Roman Dead

Where: Museum of London Docklands
When: 25 May – 28 October

The exhibition displays a Roman sarcophagus found in Southwark last year alongside objects from burials in Roman London and the skeletons and cremated remains of 30 Roman Londoners found during archaelogocial excavations of ancient cemeteries. It sheds light on to the lives of Roman Londoners by exploring their deaths.

What: Sea

Where: Foundling Museum
When: 25 May – 2 September

In response to the Foundling Hospital story, artist Jodie Carey has produced a series of striking works. Her work draws inspiration from 18th century fabric tokens left by mothers with their babies, evoking the fragility of life and human relationships.

What: The Trash-ic or Trash in the Face of Beauty

Where: Saatchi Gallery
When: 31 May – 3 June

The exhibition is a personal take on contemporary societal issues by artist Mouna Rebeiz. It explores the tension between trash and beauty and how they can coexist in art through the techniques of the Great Masters and applied art. Her work is heir to the works of those such as Goya and Picasso and is scandalous in its conveyance of our turbulent times, rather than for its own sake.

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