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By Catherine de Guise

What: Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography
Where: National Portrait Gallery
When: 1 March – 20 May

Brief summary: The exhibition celebrates, and looks at the relationship between, four early photographers: Lewis Carroll, Julia Margaret Cameron, Oscar Rejlander and Lady Clementina Hawarden. It showcases their radical attitudes towards photography that have shaped artistic practice since, featuring breathtaking images and striking portraits of some famous sitters such as Charles Darwin, Alice Liddell, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

What: The Classical Now
Where: King’s College London
When: 2 March – 28 April

Brief summary: The exhibition feature classical, modern and contemporary works, pairing the works to explore the way in which Graeco-Roman art has influenced and captivated the modern imagination. It traces classical presences in the works of 30 artists including Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry and Rachel Whiteread.

What: Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy
Where: Tate modern
When: 8 March – 9 September

Brief summary: The exhibition focuses on the year 1932 – known as Picasso’s ‘year of wonders’ – revealing month by month the work he produced and offering glimpses into his personal life.

What: Somewhere In Between

Where: Wellcome Collection
When: 8 March –27 August

Brief summary: The exhibition brings together the works of four contemporary artists who have collaborated with scientists to explore important aspects of human life. It examines the blurred area between art and science through immersive installations.

What: Joan Jonas
Where: Tate modern
When: 14 March – 5 August

Brief summary: The exhibition celebrates the work of American Video and Performance artist Joan Jonas in the largest exhibition of Jonas’ work in the UK. It showcases her early works from the late 1960s alongside recent installations that deal with current themes such as climate change and extinction. Her work is explored through exhibition galleries, film screenings and installations, showing landmark pieces including Organic Honey, The Juniper Tree and Reanimation.

What: Tacita Dean: STILL LIFE
Where: National Gallery
When: 15 March – 28 May

Brief summary: This exhibition forms part of an unprecedented collaboration between three of the most prominent galleries in the country: the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and Royal Academy of Arts, as they celebrate the work of contemporary visual artist Tacita Dean. The National Gallery’s show explores still life from the perspective of Dean, a leading figure in the genre. It features her own work and that of her contemporaries, examining the genre’s legacy within the history of art and demonstrating its continued importance.

What: Tacita Dean: PORTRAIT
Where: National Portrait Gallery
When: 15 March – 28 May

Brief summary: This exhibition focuses on portraiture primarily through the medium of 16mm film. It is the first exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery to be devoted to video. It will display Dean’s film portraits of influential figures such as Merce Cunningham, Claes Oldenburg and Cy Twombly and David Hockney.

What: Pier Paolo Calzolari
Where: White Cube
When: 21 March –5 May

Brief summary: The exhibition showcases Calzolari’s paintings, sculptures and installations from the past five decades. Calzolari makes use of organic materials such as salt, lead, tobacco leaves, moss and burnt wood in his work. He was originally associated with the ‘Arte Povera’ movement and is considered to be a pioneer of performance art.

What: America’s cool modernism

Where: Ashmolean
When: 23 March – 22 July

Brief summary: The exhibition will be the first to explore the ‘cool’ in American art, with the works on display sharing a smooth, clean appearance and an air of apparent detachment. It showcases the art of the roaring 1920s and of the Great Depression in the 1930s, from experiments in abstraction by artists such as Georgia O’Keefe to strict precisionist paintings of Charles Sheeler and Charles Demuth.

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