InBrief: Dance June [UK]

By Charis Hill

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What: Romeo & Juliet
Who: Birmingham Royal Ballet
When: 12-13 June 2018
Where: Sadlers Wells, London

Facebook link(s) @bhamroyalballet
Instagram: @bhamroyalballet
Twitter: @brb

Birmingham Royal Ballet pay tribute to the most famous love story ever told, Romeo and Juliet; in exhilarating ballet performance that depicts love, forbidden passions and star-crossed fate. This performance promises to be both beautiful and exhilarating.

What: An Eruption of Desruptive Femininities
Who: Splayed Festival, curated by Amy Bell
When: 6-9 June 2018
Where: The Place, London

Facebook: @amybelldance
Instagram: @amybelldance

As dance continues to explore the conventions of gender, desire, identity, and violence, Splayed questions conventional notions of femininity. With the added element of queerness Splayed will have its audience reconsidering their beliefs and celebrating the fruitfulness of insolent femininities.

What: And here we meet
Who: Alexandra Waierstall
When: 14-15 June 2018
Where: Lilian Baylis Studio, London

Facebook: @alexandra.waierstall
Twitter: @AlexandraWai
Instagram: @alexandra_waierstall

In her recent performance ‘And here we meet’ Alexandra Waierstall is accompanied by dancers Dani Brown, Evangelia Randou and composer HAUSCHKA. With clever choreography this performance probe’s into hidden geographies, uninhibited cities and no man’s lands, all while investigating the relationship between man and woman.

Who: Two’s A Company, by Hakeem Onibudo
When: 15-19 June 2018
Where: The Place, London

Twitter: @hakeemonibudo
Instagram: @hakeemonibudo

10 years after its debut, LIVEVIBE returns. LIVEVIBE is an innovative concept created by Hakeem “Mr Impact” Onibudo which offers up andcoming artists the opportunity to present work in a professional environment. In its latest rendition LIVEVIBE brings an assortment of performances that challenge the theme of what it means to be a ‘duet’.

What: Black Holes
Who: Seke Chimutengwende & Alexandrina Hemsley
When: 21 June 2018
Where: The Place, London

Facebook: @Blackholesproject
Twitter: @SekeChim @AlexandrinaHem
Instagram: @Sekechim
Website link(s)

Exquisite artists Alexandrina Hemsley and Seke Chimutengwende capture an exciting and thought-evoking performance about the history of the universe from the big bang through to the universe’s death. Seke and Alexandrina syndicate features of science fiction, and personal narrative to force the personal and the mythic onto a cosmic scale.

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