In Brief: March dance performances

By Charis Hill

What: Sutra
Who: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Antony Gormley with monks from the Shaolin Temple
When: 26 – 28 Mar
Where: Sadler’s Wells, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

Sutra is a collaboration between choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, sculptor Antony Gormley and a group of Buddhist monks from the Shaolin Temple in China. Sutra has won awards for its outstanding performances and it has now been running for 10 years in London. Sutra displays athleticism to its highest degree and delves deep into the thinking behind the Shaolin tradition.


What: Ballet British Columbia
Who: Ballet British Columbia Emily Molnar / Crystal Pite / Sharon Eyal
When: 6 & 7 Mar
Where: Sadler’s Wells Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R

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The Ballet British Columbia is an innovative frontline company all the way from Canada led by phenomenal female choreographers. This performance itself is inspired by Jeanette Winterson and Emily Dickinson. Award-winning Crystal Pite explores acceptance and loss in Solo Echo, inspired by Brahms sonatas and Lines for Winter by Mark Strand.


What: Battle of Bollywood 4
Who: Aspiring competitors in Bollywood
When: 17 March
Where: Sadler’s Wells Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R


Battle of Bollywood 4 promises to be fun, exhilarating and competitive as some of the best student Bollywood dance groups battle to be crowned Battle of Bollywood Champion.


What: Cut and Run, Carnaval, Gypsy Mixture
Who: Richard Alston Dance Company
When: Thu 8 Mar to Fri 9 Mar
Where: Exeter Northcott Theatre


Richard Alston Dance Company is known its high caliber contemporary dancers. Cut and Run, Carnaval and Gypsy Mixture includes Martin Lawrance’s Cut and Run; Alston’s new work Carnaval and a great Alston favourite Gypsy Mixture. Cut and Run features a ‘fast frenetic rhythm with a cool, sombre undertone takes the piece into a world of shadow and swift dodges’ While Carnavl is performed to Schumann’s music ‘Carnaval’ that cleverly depicts the various aspects of Schumann’s complicated personality. Gypsy is exhilarating and infectious and it will make you want to get up and dance along to the infectious music of Romanian and Macedonian gypsy bands.


What: Constructions of Thin Air
Who: Tilted Productions
When: Fri 9 Mar to Sat 10 Mar
Where: The Place, London


The eye-opening performance Constructions of Thin Air cleverly exposes the paradoxical enigma of human desire to fit in and refusal to belong. The first act asks questions about the concept of belonging to political and social structures while the second act incites thoughts on the idea of home and family.


What: Postgraduate Choreography and Performance
Who: London Contemporary Dance School
When: Tue 20 Mar to Wed 21 Mar
Where: The Place, London

Be stunned by London Contemporary School of Dance’s fantastic postgraduate students showcase their talent and ability. There is also opportunity to watch the postgraduate dance company perform a new piece of professional work from their forthcoming spring tour.


What: Tango after Dark
Who: German Cornejo dance company
When: 28 Feb – 17 March
Where: The Peacock Theatre, Holborn


This renowned Latin masterpiece has received superb reviews by both Jennifer Lopez and Simon Cowell. The beautiful art of the Tango is authentically showcased for the world to see. Tango after Dark exudes the intimacy and sensuality Tango is best known for.


What: Charge
Who: Motionhouse
When: 21- 24 March
Where: The Peacock Theatre, Holbo


Motionhouse, the third element of Kevin Finnan’s Earth Trilogy, cleverly uncovers the science behind beating hearts and making memories. This multi-media show, comprised of a fusion between art and science, follows the story of energy in our lives.


What: Wild Card
Who: Neon Dance
When: 22- 23 March
Where: Lilian Baylis Studio, London


Adrienne Hart’s Neon Dance Wild Card performance promises to be a ‘rich evening’ as they take to the stage in March. Neon Dances Wild Card displays explores empathy and our ability to share in the emotions of others.


What: Open Art Surgery
Who: Breakin Convention
When: 3 March
Where: Lilian Baylis Studio, London


Breakin’ Convention invites its audience to explore the mind and soul of talented hip hop artists as they dare to try something new and exhilarating. Having spent a week learning from the best, emerging artists display their new tricks and moves for the first time and invite your feedback in a live discussion.
Open Art Surgery may contain language or content unsuitable for younger children.

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