J. Cole co-signs XXXTentacion

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by Habiba Iqbal

If your not familiar with the musician XXXTentacion – you really have been living under a impenetrable rock! Over these past years the singer has had a turbulent rise to fame because while he is exploding with sheer talent he is also quite provocative and has gotten into a range of legal troubles in particular for his disturbing acts of violence.
From hitting fans with microphones to being charged with battery- XXXTentacion maybe the most insanely weird musician we’ve seen this century. The Rapper is a real character with his small frame encapsulating an energetic, temperamental and explosive persona. His mis-matched nature really has taken the public by storm and rather like marmite: you either love the guy or hate him.

One person whose taken to the taste of his music is notable hip-hop recording artist and producer, J.Cole. He recently revealed in an interview with the No Jumper podcast how he came to know of the musician and then went on to co-sign him.

After a video of XXXTentacion getting knocked out on stage went viral Cole went on to see it and he realised ‘…it was clearly big enough to make into my realm,” and with publicity like that shrouding this rapper and then hearing his music, Cole came to the prompt realisation: That this crazy Florida rapper is ‘actually talented.’

You can watch the No Jumper interview here.

We for one hope this pairing works out and J.Cole can finally get XXXTentacion to mellow out and focus on his career, develop his talent further and keep making great music!

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