Litty Lightz x Air Max 270

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By Megan Naylor
Sub-edited by Jasmine Wing

Twitter: @lightz_music
Instagram: @lightzmusic
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Who is: Litty Lightz

13-year-old Litty Lightz featured in Footaslyms, Nike Air max 270 campaign which showcases the best in up-and-coming local talent.

The South London based MC kicked off 2018 with a boom with introducing Nike’s first hybrid trainer of the year; the Air Max 270 (The Air Max 270 is a hybrid of the Air Max 93 and 180).

The Air Max 270 campaign is to promote up-and-coming artists from communities within the UK, “paving the way for innovation; their home-towns used as a starting block for greatness”. Nike recognised the talent and uniqueness of Lightz, he is now heading the campaign in London, alongside city-prominent rapper Yungen and others.

One of the best bars from his ‘I Done It’ video must be; “mum wants me in by eight but how am I supposed to get paid”, which is quite ironic as two months later he bought his mother a car.

Litty Lightz showcased his talents in the ‘1-10/A-Z challenge’, on social media which spawned millions of views.

The challenge was for artists to include a chorological reference to each number and letter in their rap – which required a special skill set and creative mind. This subsequently led Lightz to introduce himself in 2018 with his debut music video “I Done It” (via Grime Daily).

You may think it’s impossible for someone so young to have made a mark in music already- but with his distinctive originality and the fact he can spit bars at 140bpm, Lightz is proving he’s the one to watch!

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