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By Jessica Cotton | @j.j.cot

Single-use plastic is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now. The beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year according to Zero Waste Week, with the majority not recycled. Now is the perfect time to find beauty alternatives that are kinder to the planet. The amount of single-use plastic we use is a growing concern for many in addition to the planet with oceans polluted, filling landfills and endangered wildlife. There is growing popularity towards reducing waste within our day to day lives. Some beauty brands are now allowing us to make the changes from single-use plastic products to more eco-friendly alternatives.

Below are some makeup and skincare brands ahead of the sustainability movement within the beauty industry offering zero-waste, affordable and cruelty-free beauty options.

Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics

Angle face offers plastic free options in cardboard for their entire range of natural mineral cosmetics, using high-quality natural minerals made within the UK.

Bambuka Bamboo Razor

Two billion razors are thrown into landfills each year. Bambuka make sustainably sourced bamboo and stainless steel razors. The razor is ensured to last longer and is fully recyclable, unlike conventional blades.

Buff Natural Bodycare

This Devon based brand creates cruelty-free and zero waste beauty products produced in small batches, kind to your skin and the planet. Buff began with a pledge to a solution to the overuse of plastic with the beauty industry. Buff also support like-minded charities like Marine Conservation Society and Surfers Against Sewage helping to save our oceans.

Dearest Fannie

Dearest Fannie, built by two sisters with a mission to offer a sustainable alternative to non-biodegradable and recyclable makeup wipes. Simply add water to the ditsy cloth and it will remove all your makeup without any cleansers needed it’s hypoallergenic, reusable and recyclable too. Use it as many times as you desire before placing it in the washing machine before using again.


Flawless offer vegan and cruelty-free brushes made in the UK from sustainably sourced bamboo synthetic brushes a perfect alternative to conventional plastic brushes.


Georganics have created natural but effective toothpaste and mouthwash tablets. Their mission is to create effective, natural oral care products that are non-toxic and safe for everyone. All of their products are in recyclable glass and paper ensuring there is no single use plastic. It’s worth checking out Colgate’s national recycling scheme where you can recycle many dental products you may already have within your home.

Kind Beeuty

Kind Beeuty is a zero waste brand offering a return scheme. By sending a few of their jars/bottles back they will sterilise and refill your bottles. They have a range of products including shampoo, scrubs, facemasks, oils and bath salts. All products are made within the UK, cruelty-free and kind to the skin.

Knotty Floss

Founded in California, Knotty Floss make natural and biodegradable dental floss which is also vegan-friendly. They ensure its easy to use, effective and has minimal environmental impacts.


Despite not all Lush products being package free, they offer a ‘naked’ range all free from packaging. The range includes shampoo bars, cleansers and scrubs, also offering solid package free makeup which is worth checking out. Lush has developed a cork pot for the shampoo bar to stop the bar going soggy in the shower for maximizing usage. Lush do offer a recycling scheme for their black pots which you can take back to any lush store to be recycled.

Soap Daze

Soap Daze offers handmade soaps made independently in Devon in small batches to ensure they remain to the highest quality. They also offer beauty accessories and skincare products all made from natural ingredients kind to your skin and the environment.

Tabitha Eve

Tabatha Eve create handmade cotton and bamboo products to add to your lifestyle. Its time to ditch the makeup wipes and make a switch to Tabitha Eve’s organic bamboo and cotton reusable cotton pads.

UpCircle Beauty

UpCircle makes quality skin care from salvaged natural ingredients. They use leftover coffee beans and brewed chai tea spices from cafes in London to make soaps, exfoliators, face masks and serums.

Your Nature

Your Nature is a Bristol based beauty company offering vegan-friendly and plastic free natural deodorants. Your Nature ensures none of their packaging goes to waste with recyclable and plastic-free product and postal packaging.

What changes have you made to your current lifestyle regarding single use plastic and would you be willing to switch to any of these brands. Let us know your opinion at @BreatheNewsUK on Twitter or Instagram @breathenews.

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