Mean Girls Day

It’s October 3rd!

By Kate Russell | @kate_russ

It’s October 3rd. So, what does that mean for anyone reading this?
It means actually that!

It is mean girls’ day! So, grab yourself something pink and watch mean girls with your besties!
Mean girls were and still is, a much-loved chic-flick growing up for teenage girls alike. It’s quirky catchphrases still seem to make their way into our everyday vocabulary with the phrase ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’ said every time someone mentions Wednesday.

So how can we celebrate this iconic day?

STEP ONE: Wear something pink and own it!

STEP TWO: Be Regina George and convince your friends to play your minions for the day. Let them follow you around and respond ‘So fetch’ every time you see something amazing.

STEP THREE: Buy the same food as your minions and pretend you’re on a ‘no carb diet’ (which you know you are not!)

STEP FOUR: Plan a girly sleepover and make a BFF (Best friends forever) book (not a burn book) because no one says ‘burn’ anymore and plus girls look out for one another!

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