Musician Marci Phonix’s take on the Windrush debate

By Jasmine Wing

Marci Phonix featured on Channel 4 News to debate the appalling treatment of British Caribbeans known as the Windrush Generation by the UK government.

Marci was alongside journalist and chair of the Social Market Foundation (the independent British public policy think-tank), Mary Ann Sieghart, Conservative MP and historian, Kwasi Kwarteng to discuss the Windrush controversy, the show was presented by one of the main anchors of Channel 4 News, Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

The show caught the public’s attention due to the fact that it displayed to many how out of touch posh Upper-Class politicians are from reality.

“I’m not a politician,” Marci responded, “I’m speaking for all the people who come from where I come from… I can’t do politics with you, because I’m not a politician, however, I can speak for my people and where we come from, and what I will say to this is: mate, you’re talking nonsense, you know you’re talking nonsense, because they would keep record of every single person they deported. The numbers are there, we don’t have the numbers, you do, and that’s the end of it mate.”

Marci Phonix wore a “No Blacks No Dogs No Irish” hoodie as he challenged a conservative MP on the deportation of British Caribbeans. In 1960’s England and London in particular, many landlords and owners of bed & breakfasts and boarding houses put signs in their windows stating “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish”. You can purchase these products from Each 1 Teach 1.

Marci was known for sets at Sidewinder and Eskimo Dance alongside Wiley and Dizzee Rascal as well as being one of the early pioneers of grime.

You can find the full video here.

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