Netflix needs Shiro’s Story

By Fay Rose | @its_fay_rose

Fans are calling for the popular 3-part YouTube series, produced by @kazebeats and Simon Aukes, ‘Shiro’s story’ to be turned into a full-length series on Netflix. The man behind the internet sensation ‘Rapman’ says he also would like the show on Netflix, talking to Good Morning Britain, he expressed, ‘I want it to be on Netflix, I think this is something the whole world can watch.”

Shiro’s story was first seen on YouTube back in April this year and was instantly a popular hit with the online community, going viral within days of release. The story is heavily centred around love, friendship and betrayal and captures the attention of many hearts with thousands of fans pleading for Netflix to pick it up. Part 2 of the series was also a huge success and went on to win Video of the year at the Rated Awards this month, with part 3 receiving two million views in the first five hours.

Questions of whether or not the series glamorized violence are shot down with Rapman stating “It doesn’t glamourize gangs at all, it’s so much more than gangs, it’s literally a love story, it shouldn’t be based on a gang story it’s just based in a world where gangs exist which is the real world”.

Rapman’s talent is undeniable, telling his stories through a rap is proving massively popular, and slowly but surely, he is starting to receive the recognition that he undoubtedly deserves.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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