New Year, New You – New Year traditions around the world

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Many people make New Year’s resolutions which they intend to keep for the entire year, such as going to the gym, although many will not stick to this resolution. Many people in the Western world spend two whole days having a massive clean out to start off the New Year on a positive.

New Year celebrations happen in many countries around the world. Each culture has different ideas on what makes a New Year important which is why this holiday goes down as an excuse to party for many. However, getting a kiss at midnight is not the only valued New Year tradition. Here are some other strange traditions around the world:

In Estonia, a New Year’s tradition is to eat in abundance: people can eat up to seven times on New Year’s day!

Scotland has a tradition called First-Footing. This is where the first person to cross the threshold of a home in the New Year should carry a gift to bring good luck.

In Finland, they make predictions about the coming year. People use molten metal in a bucket of water to predict the year ahead by interpreting the shape created.

Siberia’s tradition is a little cold. People spend their New Year jumping into frozen lakes while carrying tree trunks!

Look out below in South Africa during New Year celebrations as they are known to throw out the old curtains through the window.

Ireland celebrates by removing the evil spirits within the home by hitting the wall with bread.

People in Chile spend the New Year with the family. The whole family spend the night with their deceased loved ones by sleeping at the cemetery.

In Denmark people jump into the New Year. It is customary to climb onto chairs and jump when the clock strikes midnight to bring good luck.

The people of Colombia, hope for a New Year full of travel. For the whole day, everyone walks around with a suitcase in the hope to achieve a year of travel.

Finally, in Bolivia, people have a game if luck to celebrate the New Year. People bake coins into sweets and those who find the coins in their food receive good luck for the rest of the year.

All these traditions are there to bring good luck to people for the New Year. Everyone wishes for a year that is full of good luck and spending time with family whilst completing these traditions may just bring that to them. Do you know of any other traditions? Get in touch with us through our social media. Along with these traditions, many people make New Year resolutions to improve their lives. What are you planning for the New Year? At Breathe News our resolution is to bring amazing content to our followers, for you.

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