REVIEW: Netflix Workin’ Moms

between motherhood, sisterhood, and womanhood

Picture Editor - Sukey Richardson

By Cloe Grampa | @cloylimon
Subedited by Jasmine Wing

The latest Netflix Original series, Workin’ Moms is exactly what modern mothers have been crying out for, it is a complex topic which needed a shed light on.

The Canadian sitcom “Workin’ Moms” was released on Netflix as a Netflix Original January the 10th of 2019, but the show was previously aired in 2017 by CBC Television (the Canadian Broadcast Television Network).

The series presents in a hilarious way the messy lives of 4 working mothers; Frankie, Anne, Kate, and Jenny, who form a tight friendship group after attending a mommies’ group. The group of friends try to balance family, career, free time and their sense of identity in the urban life of the city of Toronto. They share their internal struggles and identity crisis while dealing with toddlers, tantrums, and husbands and trying to keep the family life going at the same time. the most important part, they are all trying to have a sense of the self and their own identity.

The show presents a very important issue that was waiting to be portrayed in the media: the struggle to be both a mother and a woman in today’s demanding world.. It touches upon very serious issues such as post-natal depression, despite the severity of this condition, the show manages to maintain it’s comical tone.

However the show is not just about motherhood, although it’s important, the sitcom reminds us that before motherhood there is womanhood. One does not cease to be a woman the moment motherhood occurs. I believe women are often expected to be the glue of the family life and consequently are forced to forget about their personal lives. Working Moms reminds us that this is not the case, that behind every mother there is a woman who is still trying to achieve a sense of self and fulfilment within herself, in her career and her family life.

The story of one of the mothers, Kate touches upon issues of mothers in the workplace and covert sexism. Today working mothers are expected to continue with their career as if they were only women and not mothers but still raise children like motherhood was their only job. Although in the series the four protagonists have supportive husbands who help them, which is something that not always occur, they are still clueless about their wives’ internal struggles. The series sheds a light of various interesting and relatable topics, such as the stay at home dad, same-sex relationships and much more, that’s why I feel this show was very much needed on Netflix.

The Canadian sitcom presents a message of motherhood, sisterhood, and womanhood all in one, appealing to all women, not just mothers, who are trying to come to terms with their identity.

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