Review: Smoothie Shack, Torremolinos, Spain

Lugar Playa de La Carihuela 79, 29620 Torremolinos, Spain

By Katie Lewis Subedited by Sukey Richardson and Jasmine Wing

Over the last couple of years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of British supermarkets, cafés and restaurants offering vegan options – but what is it like for a vegan to travel abroad?

Surely there must be more than salad and chips to survive on? The Smoothie Shack is a great little place to escape the heat – ideally located on the beachfront and just a stones throw from most of the main holiday resorts in Torremolinos.

Whilst they are not a completely vegan run establishment, they certainly do go out of their way to cater for those with additional dietary needs.

Run by a friendly British couple, the restaurant could not have been more hospitable towards us. Whilst the menu was rather modest, they did a splendid vegan burger.

So good in fact, I had to question if they͛d given me real meat as it tasted so authentic – they assured me the burger was meat free!

Although I didn͛t opt for it, I noticed that other diners were served their burgers on top of a cocktail, ‘freakshake style‘.

I was offered a cup of tea free with the meal (so hard to find a decent cuppa in Spain) and straight away I was asked if I͛d like soya milk.

The day after, having slept in until 1pm, we headed straight to the Smoothie Shack again for lunch as it was so conveniently located.

There was a selection of bagels and healthy ͚green͛juices and smoothies on offer – I opted for the wheatgrass, spinach and apple and wasn͛t disappointed.

I had my six-year-old son with me, and he was treated like royalty – the staff happily chatted away to him over the hour or so that we were there and offered him a free ice lolly when he expressed his desire for one.

For two meals and two drinks, we paid the equivalent of £10, which I feel was great value for money considering the great customer service we received.

Overall, a great little place for a healthy lunchtime snack if you are visiting the area.

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