Birthday: Rihanna turns 30 and keeps getting more fabulous by the decade!

by Habiba Iqbal

The beloved pop star, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Barbadian singer-songwriter, was born on February 20, 1988 and to mark her birthday I think It’s worth us reflecting on some of the things she’s achieved over the year because it’s inspiring.

Unsurprisingly, the fashion goddess was one of the few people who actually hit the mark with her outfit for last years Met Gala. The Met Gala was honoring the rather avant-garde japanese designer Rei Kawakubo and her Comme des Garçons label. Among a myriad of celebrities who seemed to encapsulated in a daze, completely oblivious to what the theme entailed: she stood out, she made a statement and she nailed it.

She was named the Humanitarian of the year by The Harvard Foundation and received this title because of the impressive work she did with her Clara Lionel Foundation (which is rather sweetly named after her dear grandparents Clara and Lionel).

The extremely successful launch of Fenty Beauty was a standout moment for not only Rihanna but for a lot of people who were bubbling with excitement to finally have makeup that worked for all skin colours and not a select few. The beauty line has been two years in the making and is certainly time well spent because of the depth of diversity it encapsulates. Rihanna is the perfect face for the brand as a bold unapologetic women and plays a big part in supporting Fenty Beauties brand message to empower all women. Fenty Beautys Instagram is worth checking out where consistently women with all types of beauty are celebrated:

Rihanna may have just slayed a cool seven magazine covers in one month last year. During the December time, Rihanna featured on 3 unique Vogue Paris covers and 4 for Dazed,like a complete boss. Every single cover was flawless, she looked radiant and absolutely powerful.

Despite not releasing an album this year- Rihanna has been busy in showbiz. She proved her powerhouse status by getting stuck in and doing justice to a range of acting roles. From featuring in Bates motel as Marion Crane to filming for the legendary Ocean 8 movie (that is set to be released later this year)-Rihanna showed the world being a great singer is just one of the many things she can do.

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