Should millennials have kids in the age of climate change?

More than a third of millennials are concerned about having kids in the age of climate change

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By Cloe Grampa | @cloylimon

American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Instagram Live in March suggested that millennials are increasingly worrying about the effects climate change will have on the future generations. According to an insider poll, 30% of millennials are wondering if it is okay to have kids when evidence suggests that climate change will series affect the living condition of the next generation.

This impact climate change will have on living standards has sparked a countdown, where many have argued, including the UN that we have a may have a total of 12 years before we have to face irreparable consequences.

At the moment, the challenge is to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5 C, since even the slightest raise will increase risks of floods, wildfires and endanger the situation of hundreds of millions of people.

The UK is not spared from this threat. A few weeks ago Sir James Bevan the head of the Environment Agency here in the UK has warned that “within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand”.

With these increasing threats being shared in the news and on social media platforms, millennials are worried about their future to the extent to which they are considering not having children.

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