Singer Mabel is here to stay & she’s going to make 2018 her year

‘Now we’re dancing on a fine line, somewhere between a minute and a lifetime…’

By Habiba Iqbal

Mabel McVey, known by her stage name Mabel, is a Spanish-born Swedish-British singer and songwriter based in London.

Tom March, Polydor (july 2017): “We’re really excited about Mabel, it really feels like it’s her time, she’s got a killer single about to drop imminently”

Mabel’s new banger Fine line dropped this year and I don’t have the heart to stop listening. The 21 year old singer has been making waves in the music industry and has dominated our radios ever since she dropped her sensual debut single: ‘Know me better. Mabel went on to further sediment herself as a musical heroine with her concrete single, Finders Keepers in 2017 which went on to go platinum. Today? She kicks off the year with her voice ricocheting in our minds and underpinning our vapid days with a salsa of enjoyment.

Our beloved songstress begun life in the radiant setting of Spain was raised in Sweden and currently resides in London. At 5 years old, she was as sure as ever of her passion for music because of what her medium bought out in her. If anyone were to make music- my bets would also be on the daughter of the singer Neneh Cherry and record producer Cameron McVey- Cue Mabel McVey entering the scene. Joining her parents on the road seemed to catalyze Mabel’s adoration for making music and this sensational childhood is in part to thank for being part of the journey of making her the woman she is.

Here’s a clip of her talented mother Neneh Cherry doing her thing:

Unmistakably, Mabel is here to stay because her refreshing personality and take on music is exactly what audiences crave. We love a sympathizer and someone who just gets it because music is meant to be the soundtrack of our minds, capturing our common thoughts and emotions that make us human.

Refreshingly, the singers also not here for the sexist narrative of some R&B songs: ‘where guys are talking about a clingy girl, like: ‘I don’t want a girlfriend and this girl’s so clingy and blah blah blah.’ She strives to work on balancing out the male-dominated narrative of R&B and consistently cheers on fellow female soul singers.

Additionally, along with other Rising stars (Jorja Smith and Stefflon Don to name a few) she’s been announced as part of the first all-female shortlist for this year’s Brits Critics’ Choice Award. The shortlist is composed by a panel of music editors, producers and its purpose is to recognize gloriously talented individuals who just have the sheer makings of a great artist and are expected to do big things in the coming year.

Mabel has previously detailed why she loves music so much saying it’s: “…because I’m such a control freak and it’s the only thing that I can’t really control. It’s like magic.”

With this all in mind I think it may be worth checking out and celebrating someone who loves what they do. What a better place to start than Mabel’s latest song: Fine line with Not3s:

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