Spotify X DJ Semtex launches new podcast series

By Aurora Taunisio and Jasmine Wing

WHO: DJ Semtex X Spotify UK

WHAT: Spotify launch of a new original UK podcast series, “Who We Be”

WHERE: Spotify UK

WHEN: 23rd Jan 2018

“Who We Be” Podcast Series, which was inspired by Spotify’s popular grime and hip hop playlist of the same name (current follower count: over 215k).

Spotify has been widening its offer of content with the production of original podcasts. On 23/01/2018 the platform launched its latest one, Who We Be. The series aims to give an “exclusive insight into the development of the most exciting, innovative culture of our time”

Comprised of 10 episodes, run by-weekly and presented by DJ Semtex – British DJ, broadcaster and author.

The podcast will be inviting a variety of different UK rap personalities, kicking off with ‘Santan Dave’ aka Dave, winner of the MOBO’s Best Newcomer Award 2017. Followed by Brixtons’s, Sneakbo, in the next episode and more.

The podcast series will explore the artists “journeys in-depth, detailing their creative process” (Spotify Studio), to uncover the success of the Who We Be playlist and the increasing recognition the Underground Birtish music “rap & grime” is enjoying globally.

According to Austin Darbo, Senior Editor at Spotify, the launch of this new podcast series “is a testament to the passion that exists around UK street sounds”

DJ Semtex, will be hosting at Wireless Festival on SUNDAY 8TH July

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The HipHop raised me podcast was the 'behind the scenes' or the directors cut to the book. Unfiltered, uncut, in depth conversation with the people that define the culture. I’ve worked with Austin Daboh for years, I value his opinion on music, he has nothing but sincere integrity and respect the culture. I’ve witnessed him fight for artists and the scene while he was working at 1xtra, he’s played a pivotal but unsung role in breaking the careers of most of your favourite rappers, and now with his ‘Who We Be’ platform at Spotify he is relentlessly pushing things further. Disrupting the music industry, rewriting the rules, making the game a level playing field for your favourite artists. So when Austin reached out to me about producing and hosting the official #WhoWeBe podcast, there was only one inevitable outcome. I’ve levelled up; new podcast, new bigger, innovative platform, this is a game changer. Every 2 weeks you will hear unfiltered, uncut, in depth conversation with the people that define Hip Hop, UK Rap, Grime, Afro Swing, etc. This is our culture. This is who we are. This is who we be.

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