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This week’s Who Is…. Canadian rapper who released the banger “Live Up to My Name” last year, which peaked at 77 on the Canadian Hot 100. But how much do you know about Baka? Well, Breathe News is here to tell you everything you need to know about Baka Not Nice.

Real name: Travis Savoury, Member of rapper Drake’s entourage & Drake’s longtime friend who’s best known as Baka Not Nice
Birthday: March 6, 1979
Twitter: @baka_not_nice
Instagram: @bakanotnice
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Baka Not Nice began his career as a member of Drake’s security team but always had dreams beyond ‘protecting’ Drake. He has dropped several singles, including “Live Up To My Name,” “Money In The Bank,” and “I Am Who I Am.” The former has already amassed 4.5 million plays on Soundcloud. However Baka has been no angel in the eyes of the law.

Criminal past:

In his latest track ‘Money in the bank’ he says, ‘First single got me banned from America’. It could be believed him is referring to his criminal activity in 2007 which saw him deported. He was arrested on a firearms charge. You can read more here.

In 2013, he was arrested in connection with an armed robbery at Wild Water Kingdom in Brampton, reports City News. Five employees were allegedly counting money in the early morning hours of Aug. 18 when four men entered the office. Three of the men had guns. The employees were tied up. The men fled with the money. Savoury was arrested and charged with firearm-related offences.

In June 2014, Toronto police arrested and charged Baka with six offences in connection with a human trafficking investigation: Trafficking in Persons, Trafficking in Person Receive a Material Benefit, Exercise Control, Uttering a Death Threat, Assault and Fail to Comply with Recognizance. You can read more here.

And most recently (as of 2015) assault, A member of rapper Drake’s entourage, Travis Savoury, otherwise known as “Baka,” has been sentenced to six months in jail for assault.

Baka talks about not snitching in his track ‘money in the bank’ “Locked up ’cause a nigga didn’t tell. Real niggas never took the deal like Chappelle” referencing the comedian Dave Chappelle who in 2005, walked away from a $50 million dollar deal with Comedy Central. Just like Chappelle refused what could be perceived as a bribe, Baka claims to have refused a police deal to out his friends.

Baka & Drake:

He and rapper Drake grew up together in Toronto, Canada and he is no stranger to the works of the Canadian star – Drake.

Baka first featured on Drake’s 2013 album Nothing Was the Same on the outro of “From Time” which features Jhené Aiko. Background vocals were provided by Baka – Travis Savoury while the piano featured was played by Chilly Gonzales, the Grammy-winning Canadian musician. [Outro: Baka]
“Been Baka aka Not Nice from time, G. Been a East Side ting. Scarborough ting from time, G, been have up di ting dem from time, G. So I don’t know what’s wrong with these little wasteman out here eh? Y’all need to know yourself.”

He received a shout-out on the track “Know Yourself” off Drake’s 2015 ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ lyrics that read, “I might declare it a holiday as soon as Baka get back on the road.”

Followed by a feature on Drake’s fourth studio album – Views, which was released in 2016. Baka provides the additional vocals for the track – Hype
[Intro: Baka]
Man don’t live of a di hype huh?
Real ting ay

Baka also features on Drake latest project – More life (2017). He provided the outro to ‘Free Smoke’ and backing vocals on ‘Gyalchester’ produced by Hungarian producer – IBeatz. ‘Free Smoke’ which was produced by Allen Ritter and Boi-1da ends with some tough talk by Baka.

Yeah, we outchea
Ya don know, aye?
It’s a OVO ting, aye?
Ya don know, aye?
It’s a East Side ting, aye?
Ya don know aye?
More life

Signs to OVO sound:

After spending 13 years in jail in total, Baka found himself signing to one of hip-hop’s biggest labels – OVO, joining the ranks of Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, dvsn, Maji Jordan, 40 & more.

When Baka was released on April 7th, 2015, Drake celebrated the occasion by giving Baka an appreciative public co-sign on Instagram.

On June 27th, 2017, Baka Joined The OVO Family. Baka posted a video of the milestone, which finds Drake delivering a speech before pulling out the contract to make it official. You can even hear French Montana shouting out words on encouragement in the background.

It finally paid of for Baka, who has always had Drakes back. When Houston rapper Sauce Walka took aim at Drake, Baka was quick to step in, firing off some retaliatory shots in a since-deleted Instagram post. Still, it shows that Baka’s loyalty runs deep, and he’s willing to step in to handle business if need be.

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