Who Is: Plantbased Pixie

By Jane Imrie

Who: Plantbased Pixie
What: a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) (MSc), award-winning food blogger, writer, and speaker.

Twitter: @plantbasedpixie
Instagram: @plantbased_pixie
Website: http://www.plantbased-pixie.com/

Plantbased Pixie – aka Pixie Turner – is a registered nutritionist and food blogger currently taking social media by storm.

Pixie’s philosophy is balance in both body and mind, and in the current age of endless food fads and alternative diets she is quick to debunk food myths and promote a healthy attitude to eating.

Following her on Instagram you see pictures of realistic (delicious!) food, and her no-nonsense approach to having a balanced diet and healthy mindset are the perfect antidote to the endless images of ‘perfect’ bodies and sparse unappetising meals that saturate the web.

Her talents are not just limited to championing healthy eating in the social media world, she has released her very own unapologetic and informative book The Wellness Rebel which looks at health backlash and orthorexia, and how to find the happy medium when eating well – emphasis on the happy.

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