Why are our teen girls self-harming?

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Lately, there has been an increase in the number of teenage girls who are self-harming. A recent government-supported study found that 1 in 5 girls aged between 17 and 19 have self-harmed or tried to commit suicide. The question, however, is why?

Concerns around the impact of social media have been raised as one of the potential key factors to this increase. There are mounting pressures on young girls in particular from makeup to fake tan to fashion reinforced by celebrities. Celebrities have always had a massive influence over current styles but this has been magnified by the rise in bloggers and influencers, From campaigns such as the H&M campaign saying “Big is Beautiful” for their new plus size clothing range and the diet plans from bloggers, mixed with the constant weight-loss posts, it can be argued that social media has become an unsafe place. These contradictory messages can be harmful to young girls trying to figure out who they are.

With growing body insecurities among teens, along with the pressure from parents in regards to education, it’s no wonder there is an increasing amount of young women suffering from mental illness. Exams are becoming more difficult every year such as the GCSE mathematics exam that recently added 40% of A level work into the syllabus. This extra work added with the possibility that the girls have part-time jobs is a potential reason for the rise in self-harm rates due to high levels of stress.

Despite the increased awareness surrounding mental health in 2019, there is more to be done to combat this sensitive topic, especially in schools and among our young people. The early signs for mental health issues could be the next step into having a more understanding society. If we can learn the signs then maybe we can reduce suicide rates together.

We as a team are always here for anyone struggling with mental health,

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