Why you should be practicing a bodily awareness scan

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By Indy Essence

Especially during these troubled times, it is of critical importance to practice meditation and mindfulness – even just from our bedrooms. Today holistic therapist Indy Samra details how anybody can perform a body awareness scan to help with relieving stress and strengthening the mind-body link.

A body awareness scan is where we pay attention to the parts of our body in a gradual sequence from the feet to the top of our head by mentally scanning each area. This practice is done by you bringing your awareness to each part of your body in sequence.

Practice this laying down on your back, feet slightly apart. Keep your body relaxed and your arms by your sides with your palms facing upwards.

I personally prefer to do the body awareness scan just before I fall asleep – this helps my body and mind to fall into a completely relaxed state.

Start off by softly closing your eyes, slowing down your breathing. Let your abdomen expand and contract with each breath – nice, slow, deep inhales and exhales for a minute or so.

You’ll start the body awareness scan from the feet, pausing for a few seconds before moving onto the next part of your body. Gently up your ankles and calves to your knees and so on and so forth all the way to the top of your head. You want to scan your entire body. Are there any areas that feel uncomfortable? Any aches, pains or tension? If there are any affected areas continue to breathe into them and visualise the discomfort physically leaving your body through your breath and away from you into the air. Move on when you are ready.

When you have finished releasing the day’s stress, bring your awareness back to your breath. Continue with those deep inhales and exhales for a moment or so and gently, when you’re ready, flicker your eyes back open to end the body awareness scan practice.

The embodiment offered by this simple exercise just once a night allows you to live in your own body, resting your mind and helping you to tune in to your physical and carnal self. Accept your mind and its wanderings, and eventually, you will accept yourself as a whole.

Now let’s encourage a little positivity today, shall we?

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